January 22, 2018

Health Ministry


What  is a Health Ministry?

Health Ministry is a program which integrates faith and health.

Within a faith community, a Health Ministry program promotes healing and health for it's members and the community it serves.

A Health Ministry program is an integral part of the ministry of the church, promoting physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

Health ministers are many--ministers and members--coming together to share the compassionate love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Some Health Ministry Activities:

  • Health Education, such as prevention, and management of chronic conditions
  • Blood pressure assessments, counseling and referral
  • Weight loss, nutrition, and exercise
  • Loan closets for assitive devices
  • First Aid and CPR

Why have a Health Ministry?

A Health Minsitry offers an opportunity for a faith community to respond to the command "love one another". As followers of Jesus Christ, we are all called to be healers and we are all called to be members of a healing church.

Caregiving ministries are to be carried out by all Christians, not just those who have expertise of pastoral or health care professionals.  The call to care is a call to all people of faith and one that each of us can live out to some degree, giving our time, talent, and treasure--thus "living our faith".

Caring is at the heart of our faith and can be expressed in every facet of the church's life--not only at worship, but also in meetings, social gatherings, and educational offerings--ineveyr relationship and contact with one another.

The Health Ministry team does not replace any function of the Ministers, but rather enhances the ability of the church to extend its caring arms.

The Health Ministry concept is designed to build on and strengthen individuals, families, and congregrations.  Team members function to support, comfort, educate, empower, and unconditionally love members of their church community.

The role of the Health Ministry Nurse

The Health Ministry (HM) Nurse (Registered Nurse) is the catalyst in assisting the congregation in becoming a community of health and healing.  In cooperation with a Health Ministry Team, the nurse encourages members of the church to become good stewards of their health.

HM Nurses are individuals who have gained experience by obtaining special knowledge of Health Ministry nursing through workshops, conferences, and support groups.  They combine their spirituality and professional skills in servie to others.

The HM Nurse serves as a Health educator and advocate, integrator of faith and health, coordinator of volunteers, developer of wellness special groups or activities, and referral agent.