January 22, 2018

Church Leadership

Central Leadership Team

Central Elders:

Dr. Phil Gilbert, Chairman

Walter Rice, Vice-Chairman

John Wagner, Secretary

Kelly Murphy

Dr. Paul Newland


Central Ministry Staff

Senior Minister - Paul Newland


1.  What do you call your home area?

     With my parental family I lived in the Philippines, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, and Tennessee.  However, since leaving home and marriage, and until coming here to Indiana, I had lived in only one area, St. Louis, MO.  I lived there for over 45 years so I guess that is “home.”

2.  Tell us about your family.

     My lovely wife, Jane, and I have been married for over 48 years.  We have four sons, Doug, Scott, Brent and Steve.  Doug is the Missions/Outreach Minister at Northside Christian in New Albany, IN.  Scott is in real estate in Bloomington, IN.  Brent is the Children's Minister at Legacy Christian in Lakeland, FL.  Steve is the Senior Minister also at Legacy in Lakeland.  I have two brothers, and two sisters.

3.  How did you meet your wife?

     I first met Jane at the church where my brother was the minister in St. Louis. Her family were members there and because they had a home on a couple of acres with a swimming pool, volleyball court and great picnic area, most of the church and youth group picnics and parties were held there.  It was just after I graduated from St. Louis Christian College and she graduated from high school that we began to really “notice” each other.  Two years later we married and the rest is history!

4.   When did you know you were called to ministry?

     During my grade school days.  There was never any doubt or question in my mind.  My parents had been missionaries in China and Tibet.  I greatly admired their faith and the sacrifices they made to serve Jesus.  I believed serving the Lord was the most important thing anyone could do with their life, and I never envisioned doing anything else.

5.  Why Central?

     That’s easy!  From the time our four sons graduated from college and began serving churches they had been quite spread out, from Florida to Kansas to Tennessee to Ohio to Illinois, and Missouri.  However, one by one they all began serving churches in Indiana!  After serving as Senior Minister for 37 years at a church I founded in the St. Louis area, Gateway Christian Church, Jane and I decided that if we wanted to spend a little more time with our grandchildren before they all grew up, this was the perfect time to get closer to them.  We decided that if the Lord opened the door to serve in Indiana we were ready to walk through it.  He did and we did!  When we came to Central for the interview and met the leadership and the people, and saw the need here, it seemed clear this is where God was calling us to serve.  Yes, Huntingburg is a little smaller than the St. Louis area, but we love it here!

6.  Number of grandchildren?

     We have 10 grandchildren!  Doug and his wife, Kerry, in New Albany, have two girls, Kaylee,19, and Lindsey,16.  Scott, in Bloomington, has four girls, Cassie,19, Shelby,17, Brynne,16, and Jenna,14.  Brent and his wife, Tina, in Lakeland, have a boy, Lucas,13, and a girl, Savanna,11.  Steve and his wife, Lacy, in Lakeland, have a boy, Eddie,12, and a girl, Brianna,11.

7.  What do you like to do in your free time?

     Hunting deer and turkey have to be my favorites, but I also enjoy golf, softball and basketball.  Jane and I also enjoy doing some camping in our RV.  However, the real truth is we enjoy spending time with those grandkids…and their families, of course!

8.  Tell us something surprising about you.

     I spent almost two years in prison!  It was my first two years…I was born in a Japanese prison camp in Manila, P.I.  My parents were missionaries and our family was stranded in the Philippines when the Japanese invaded.  They eventually surrendered to the Japanese and spent 2½ years in concentration camps before the American forces retook the islands and liberated them.

Associate Minister - Craig Taylor 

1.      1.  Where are you from?

             Conneautville, Pennsylvania

2.     2.  Family status?

             Married to Cheryl, 4 children - Hannah - College; Luke and Kathryn - high school;

             Tegan -  elementary school.

3.     3.  How did you end up in ministry?

             I felt called to ministry early in high school, followed the calling - and look where's it's

             taken me - Huntingburg, Indiana!

4.     4.  How did you end up at Central?

             My wife is from Central, and back in 2000, they called us wondering if we'd be

             interested in ministry here.  We were - and still are!

5.     5.  Education?

             Bachelor of Music from Cincinnati Christian University

6.     6.  Favorite sports teams?

             Steelers, Penguins, Pirates and the Penn State Nittany Lions

7.     7. Some stuff people might not know about you?

             I have traveled to Thailand and the former Soviet Union (when it was still CCCP)!

8.     8.  Hobbies and or favorite things to do or places to go?

             I like to read novels, do crossword and Sudoku puzzles, love to travel - just don't get to

             often.  I love helping out with our local marching band and enjoy Drum Corps.  And

             now that I'm "older" I also enjoy quiet nights at home (trust me, that's new to me!).

Youth Minister - Josh Colvin

Josh Colvin, his wife, Julie and their twin daughters joined us at Central in July of 2014!  He is making an impact in our youth - you should get yours involved!

1.  Where are you from?
Winchester, Virginia
2.  Where do you go to college?
Florida Christian College, Kissimmee, FL (now Johnson University, Florida)
3.  Tell us about your family.
My wife, Julie, is from St. Louis and moved to Florida in 2004. We met at college in 2008  and got married in 2010. In 2012, we welcomed 2 baby girls; Annabelle and Corinna. We lived in Kissimmee until we moved to Huntingburg in 2014.
4.  What are 3 of your favorite things?
          My wife, my kids, St. Louis Cardinals
5.  What is the scariest thing you've ever done?
The scariest thing that I did was proposing to Julie. Any man who has ever proposed can agree with me on that. Yeah, I don't really live an exciting life.
6.  What hobbies do you enjoy?
I enjoy playing sports of all kinds, but mainly softball, football, and basketball. I also enjoy hanging out with people. I am definitely an extrovert so I do not like not doing anything. My wife can attest to that.
7.  What is something most people do not know about you?
           I have had stitches in 3 different places on my face. Once for hitting the edge of a coffee table when I was 4, once for hitting the corner of a wall when I was 5, and once for falling off of a swing and biting through my bottom lip when I was 2.
8.  When did you feel God calling you into the ministry?
          I knew that I was supposed to be in ministry when I was in high school. I went to a smaller church, so I was the one who taught the younger kids. When I was ready to go to college, I thought that I wanted to be a forensic pathologist, but that all changed after I attended Florida Christian College for a year. I was told by my parents that they would support me with whatever I wanted to do, but their only requirement was that I had to attend a Christian College for 2 years. Well after my first year at FCC that all changed. I knew youth ministry was where I was supposed to be and I haven't looked back since.

 Office Manager-Lana Thomas

Building Care & Maintenance - Neil & Susan Elkins